Crafty Techniques: Ombré Effect on a Budget

  What is Ombré? Ombré: having colors or tones that shade into each other usually graduated from light to dark. As most of you know, the Ombré trend is really catching on. I totally understand why. I see it everywhere. At any hair salon It is the most requested style. I’ve seen it at the fabric store, tons of fabrics with an Ombré effect are on the shelves. This new craze is even hitting the Scrapbooking/crafting world. I recently saw Ombré ink pads. How cool is that? I’ve created this simple technique using the Ombré effect which can be used not only on paper but on fabric, wood or any other surface that can be painted. I am constantly in search of budget friendly projects. This effect can be created with just few bucks worth of acrylic paint or fabric paint if that is your material of choice. I hope you will all try this technique. I sure can’t wait to create a layout with this background. Check out my process video: Thanks for stopping by.Please be sure to follow me for notifications of fun stuff to come.  XOXO~ Katty



Hello friends,

I wanted to share the layout I made with this fun Ombré background that I created. Unfortunately I do not have a process  video for this layout. It was made at an NSD(National Scrapbooking Day) Crop I attended earlier this month. I do however have a Layout share video where I share all of the layouts that I completed at that crop and I give a brief explanation of each one. This page was so much fun to make. I am documenting a concert I attended with my stepdaughter last year. We had a great time and I really wanted to document that night. Here is the link to the Layout share video:

XOXO~ Katty

Hello world! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Hello friends. Welcome to my blog. My name is Katty. I live in Miami, FL. I am 29 years old and have had a love of crafts ever since I could remember. I absolutely love expressing my creativity.  My favorite form of crafting would have to be Scrapbooking. My obsession with Scrapbooking began around the age of 17 while I was in high school. A friend at school began working at a small local scrapbooking store and started a Scrapbooking Club at school. I was instantly hooked and have been Scrapping ever since. I won’t lie, during all of these years there have been periods of months and maybe even years where I have not scrapped. After having my two boys, a few moves and changes in life here and there it was a bit difficult to keep up with my hobby. I am extremely excited and very fortunate to say that I have recently set up a small space in my house which is just for my favorite hobby and I to share. I even took the plunge and began making process videos on YouTube. My YouTube Channel is: I am having a blast making the videos and am very humbled by all of the sweet comments that my viewers have been leaving on my videos. I love to teach, ever since I was a child I always wanted to be a teacher, unfortunately that didn’t happen. There was another path destined for me and that path has led me to you all, here today. A few years after my discovery of Scrapbooking I discovered my Second Favorite Hobby: Travel. Some people are fortunate enough to travel and explore the world beginning at a young age. I do not fall into that category. At the age of 4 my mom, older brother an I left our country, Cuba and headed to the United States in search of a better future. Thankfully we have accomplished just that. However it was accomplished with tons of hard work. My mom and brother spent countless hours working just so that we could get by. For that I am eternally thankful. Needless to say there wasn’t much time or budget for travel. As I grew older and began working myself I set aside a small portion of my paychecks and promised myself I would one day travel the world. I have been very blessed so far and although I have not seen much I am very content with my progress. I have also been able to bring my two boys and my mom along on some of my adventures. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man which I love very much and who also shares my love of travel. I truly look forward to our future together. My favorite part is that I am able to combine my two hobbies. I travel, take lots of pictures(photography is another favorite of mine, I guess that just goes hand in hand with Scrapbooking) come home and Scrapbook about my trip. Then I can relive all of my favorite moments and share them with family and friends whenever I want. I hope you will join me on my journey.

As far as what to expect from my blog. I will post my favorite Crafty things. My Scrapbooking Layouts as well as links to the ones that I have a process video for. I will share my everyday life stories as well as vacation reviews and perhaps even some money saving tips. I will probably discuss random topics here and there.  My Goal: To Inspire you all to live out your dreams and express your creativity . 🙂

I am new to blogging and fairly new to Social Media in general. I will post links to other accounts that are related. Suggestions, Comments, Questions and Constructive Criticism are always welcome, in fact they are encouraged. 🙂

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